Me and my Dad
Name  Sibo
Age  9 going on 25
Address Suburbia, The Earth
Interests Saving the Planet in all sorts of different ways and trying not to drive my mum mad in the process.
Likes Learning new things; the library; reading; groveling in my veggie bed; going to the sea; sleeping late on days with no school; hip-hop; doing exciting stuff; talking to my dad; recycling; getting my own way; ice-cream; watching TV.
Dislikes Pumpkin; wasting water or electricity; being woken up early when there is no school; driving mum crazy (but I can't help it sometimes); thinking somebody does not take me seriously just because I'm a kid; homework; football (but I do go and support Wayne sometimes).
Long Term Goal To fix the Earth
Short Term Goal To get as many people as possible to help fix the Earth
Heroes  The Earthman, my dad
Take time to sniff the daisies!
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