Springs Advertiser - June 2008

Mail & Guardian - 25 July 2008

Science in Africa - August 2008

The Citizen - 15 January 2009

O Magazine - May 2009 pg 54

Simply Green - May/June 2009

Book Mark  - June 2009

Science in Africa - June 2009

Urban Sprout Review - 2009

Mail & Guardian - 2010

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Lenasia Indicator - April 2012

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The Argus - Dec 2012 Pg 1

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Tame Times - 29 March 2016

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2015/2016 - Sibo Blogs published in the African Reporter

School is Cool

International Booking Giving Day


Be Safe on the Road

Bullies are Bad

Sibo Makes a Clever Plan

Full of Beans

Mind Your Manners

Fun Stuff to Do

Smile Awhile

Adults Acting Worse than Kids

Hula Hooping is Fun

Wish the Flu would Fly Away

Hairy Tales

Skinny Facts

Bare Bones

Meanie Mozzies

Holiday Fun

Science Centres & Rocket Cars

National Science Week

Sibo’s Science Story Competition

Eggsellent Food

Be kind to human kind week

Eye spy


Making Money

Doing jobs properly

Texting on the go

Fun visit to the Zoo

Weird ways of making things happen

Smile and wave

A fun weekend activity

People Protesting

Cool Careers

Water Crisis

Study tips

World HIV AIDS Day

New Year Resolutions

Back to School

Stay Well

A little consideration...



A pinch of salt


Cycle Safely

Easter Eggy Fun

Tricky Trash

Happy Hula Hooping

Clever Ideas

What’s in a name?

Days have names too

Mother’s day is Special

Multi-tasking - good or bad?

Loving Life

Sibo visits Nash Nissan

Butts are a bit of a problem

Oceans Apart

A few small rules

Our life blood

Holiday Fun Again

Helping end of holiday blues

Sibo Gets Organised

The Friendship Bench

Really useful stuff

Cool Sciency Stuff

Test your strength

Nifty Beads