As the author of the Sibo Series I’d like to share the story of how Sibo was conceived.

One upon a time I had this wonderful job at iThemba LABS in Faure running the science and technology outreach programme. I loved every busy, frantic, challenging, hair-raising moment of it.

Then in May 2007 – Chris, my husband, dragged me up to Gauteng to what we had  both jointly decided was a brilliant job opportunity for him and should be grabbed with both hands.

My feelings of panic started on the long car journey. Looked at all the kilometers of space in front of me and thought oh my hat  - have just given up my great job, Am 44 years old – have loads of experience but no bits of paper to back me up – that’s my future life – empty. No job. No friends. Nothing to do every day. I wallowed in this for about 5km.

Then delivered a swift mental kick to my own backside and gave myself a pep talk. Don’t be ridiculous – you’re 44 years young - it’s a blank canvass – you can paint whatever you like on there. The panic attack turned into a churning feeling of excitement instead.

My mind whirred along with the tyres. Mulling over ideas, discarding most of them as fast as they hit the grey matter.  Getting a message across to kids - in a manner which they enjoyed and understood - was what I’d been doing for years.

But what did I really enjoy doing?   Hmmmm…. Writing.   Had been scribbling bits and pieces for as long as I could remember.  Ding ding ding… a dim (environmentally friendly) light flickered on.

I’d write a book!

How the Sibo Series began...

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