I always cared about the planet, but one day the Earthman came to our school and told the kids all about the very real dangers of global warming and the need to save electricity.

He also gave us hints and tips about how we,
the children, can help out.

That everything little bit really does make a difference.  

This inspired me. I rushed home to see what I could do to save electricity and help stop the world from going to pot.

Read my first book “Sibo Makes a Difference” to find out how.


Name:     Sibo

Age:        9 going on 25

Address: Suburbia, The Earth

Interests: Saving the Planet in all sorts of different ways and trying not to drive Mom mad in the process.

Likes: Learning new things; the library; reading; grovelling in my veggie bed; going to the sea; sleeping late on days with no school; Hip-Hop; doing exciting stuff; talking to my dad; recycling; getting my own way; ice-cream, watching TV. My dog Zona. Riding on the Gautrain.

Dislikes: Pumpkin; wasting water, wasting electricity; being woken up early when there is no school, driving my mother crazy (but I can’t help it); thinking people don’t take me seriously just because I’m a kid; homework; football (but I do go and support Wayne sometimes).

Long term Goal: To help fix the Earth.

Short term Goal: To get as many people involved as possible to help fix the Earth. Like you and all your friends.

Friends: Wayne, Lizzie,  Lennie (the kid down the road who does awesome Graffiti),  Suzi (she’s into recycling her clothes by doing stuff to them to make them look different), the other kids in my class.

Heros:  My Dad , Miss Ball and             Earthman

Sibo’s C.V.